Azuki Nokorizome

Azuki (sometimes also written as Azuki) is mainly used as a raw material for red bean paste and is indispensable for Japanese sweets. Hokkaido accounts for about 80% of azuki bean production in Japan, and it is also cultivated in Tohoku and Kyoto.


Azuki is full of vitamin B1 and has a lot of health benefits, such as promoting metabolism, relieving fatigue and also effective in preventing high blood pressure. Azuki beans are also rich in iron, folic acid and protein and for improving poor circulation due to lack of blood (especially during periods). Azuki beans are also an ingredient that is important for pregnant women. In addition to being rich in iron and folic acid and dietary fiber azuki helps prevent and improve constipation and helps improve swelling that tends to occur from late pregnancy to postpartum.

Azuki Collection