Chestnut Nokorizome

The native species that grows naturally in the mountains of Japan is a small chestnut called Shibaguri, which has been regarded as a valuable food since the Jomon period. Chestnuts are usually eaten raw or boiled, then peeled, dried in the sun, and then mashed with a mortar to remove the skin. Chestnuts are regarded as a lucky charm for the new year.


Chestnuts are cultivated all over Japan, except Okinawa and are still used in various dishes. Chestnut boiled in is made by peeling the chestnut skin and gently boiling it in honey until the skin and the fruit become one. Chestnut simmered in honey is made by peeling the skin and sweetening it with sugar, honey, or water. In addition, chestnut rice, chestnut okowa, and chestnut rice crackers are popular as autumn flavors.

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