• How do we package our underwear?

    We are happy to announce, that we are using Clear Biodegradable Display Bags to ship your naensis underwear.

    It is a self seal cello bag alternative plastic free packaging. Biodegradable with EN 13432 standardand suitable for home composting and will degrade in landfill conditions.

    Made from a food grade material and manufactured in the UK. Vegetable starch conforms to the EN 13432 standard, biodegradable and certified OK Biobased, suitable for home composting and will degrade in landfill conditions.

    XO and Quin 
  • What is our clear biodegradable bag made from?

    Nativia is made up of a mixture of (vegan friendly) vegetable starches and and wood pulp (or cellulose) – our glassine bags are 100% cellulose (or 100% paper, which is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable).

    Whilst Nativia® is certified compostable to the highest standards, the words compostable and biodegradable are often confusing to the end user. bags).

    What is Nativia ® film? 
  • Biodegradable vs Compostable

    What is biodegradable?

    Biodegradable materials – including packaging – is anything that breaks down over time. Bacteria, fungi and other biological processes contribute to this natural activity.

    Biodegradable is very broad for this reason. Most things are technically biodegradable, but many will take so long to actually break down.

    What is compostable?

    Composting is when you recycle organic waste and it converts into fertiliser.It's natural process and something many people do to use as an addition to soil.While your home compost heap might be an effective at breaking down the kinds of things you add to it, it doesn't mean it can handle packaging deemed compostable.

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