What does naensis mean?

nae is Japanese and means 'seed or seedling' and -ensis is a Latin suffix meaning 'originating in’.

Where is naensis made?

All our underwear is ethically made in Japan.

How do I wash naensis?

Please check details on how to take care and wash naensis here

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. The rates are calculated at checkout. Please review our Refund Policy .

What does nokorizome mean?

Nokorizome is Japanese and means 'left-over dye'.

Is your packaging sustainable?

We use clear biodegradable display bags made from a food grade material and manufactured in the UK. Vegetable starch conforms to the EN 13432 standard, biodegradable and certified OK Biobased, suitable for home composting and will degrade in landfill conditions.

What does mulesing-free mean?

Mulesing is a method of by removing the skin of the sheep's buttocks and part of the flesh in order to prevent maggots from infesting the sheep. Although this is a measure to prevent health hazards to sheep, scars are not treated without anesthesia, which has become a problem in recent years from the perspective of animal welfare. Mulesing-free, on the other hand, refers to wool that is obtained through gentle breeding methods in which the sheep's natural environment is preserved, without the painful mulesing of sheep.