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Organic Supima Cotton Triangle Bra

Organic Supima Cotton Triangle Bra

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The design is simple and feminine, giving it a hug-like feel.

100% organic cotton underwear made from 100% organic Supima cotton from Alvarez Farm, New Mexico, USA. Supima cotton is considered to be the highest quality cotton and is produced only in certain areas of the United States. Its characteristic feature is the supple and moist feel created by the long, thin fibres. Although it is made of cotton, it is said to be comparable to cashmere.

With the durability and ease of handling of cotton and the addition of a high-quality, moist texture, naensis cotton underwear delivers a high-quality everyday experience.

-100% Organic Supima Cotton GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS (International Certification System for the production and manufacture of products containing organic fibers)

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